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Keisha Reaves | Mom Therapy
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Mom Therapy

Moms need care too

ush Thru celebrates the journey of motherhood. Whether you’re a mother of an adult child or an expecting mom of your first baby, Push Thru is a community created to support you on your journey.


The purpose behind our after birth survival kit is to help moms immediately after they get out of the hospital. It’s a care package with all of the items that they didn’t know they needed and mental health tips that they’ll be grateful to have learned. Not only are they pushing a new life into this world, whether vaginally or via c-section, but they will be supported to push through this incredible transitional period.


Being a new mom or adding another child to the family can be a trying period. Push-thru provides a platform where moms can feel supported, uplifted, and they will have the ability to have access to an array of resources. It also creates a community amongst women to exchange ideas, suggestions, and support. It’s having that moment of feeling overwhelmed and receiving a little box in the mail encouraging you to push-thru.


The goal of Push-Thru is to make moms aware of products and services that are available that they may not be aware of. Rather it’s a small one-man business or a large company, we want to inform our moms that ONE this is out there, TWO you need it, and THREE here’s why.


Moms need care too. This box is for the mother with the college kid. The mother with a child that’s just entering kindergarten. The mom whose child is grown and may be in a faraway place. Moms of all walks of life need care too. We give away so much of ourselves that we can often put ourselves on the back burner. Well, Mama, this box is for you. Enjoy items that promote self-care, motherhood, and mental health tips that encourage you to push through each day.