Keisha Reaves

Helping You Push Through!

Your inner strength is your outer foundation

– Allan Rufus –


Our push thru mantra is to help empower those that face various challenges and obstacles to tap into their inner resilience. Here we offer tools, strategies, and resources to those that we work with in order to help them to push through

The mission of Push Thru Therapy is to create an environment that enables and motivates personal growth both physically and mentally in an educational, holistic, and culturally diverse manner while valuing individuality and self awareness.

Our community recognizes and values diversity and inclusion. We are deeply committed to ensuring a safe space that is free of bigotry, discrimination and hate.

Become Your Best You


Therapy can be life-long and can also be just for a brief, critical period in your life. There’s no issue too small or too large. We assist adults dealing with life transitions, stress, anxiety, relational issues like romantic, familial and friends, and much more.


Keisha Reaves offers clinical supervision for clinicians seeking full licensure. In addition to that, she also offers clinical consultation and coaching for fully licensed therapists seeking community and guidance within their clinical career.


Rather you’re wanting to learn better tools to navigate the evolution of your relationship or you’re entering the journey of parenthood, we’ve got you! Our unbiased, trained therapist is here to help your fight fair and to mediate difficult conversations.


Push Thru Therapy is also an educational space. We offer trainings and workshops for clinicians seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise. We also provide educational webinars and groups for parents seeking additional support on their parenting journey.

Meet Keisha

Keisha Reaves is the owner and clinical director of Push Thru Therapy. She is a Georgia native that has witnessed the stigma of mental health and has made it her mission to normalize therapy. She has been in the mental health field for more than sixteen years. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Services from Clayton State University and then completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology at the University of West Alabama.

Are you a mom that needs a space where you can feel encouraged, supported, and heard? Become a Push Thru Mom and get the tools you need to push thru.