For Clinicians


Counselor Supervision is a service provided to those pursuing licensure as an associate professional counselor or licensed professional counselor in the state of Georgia. The purpose of supervision is to provide clinical support, education, and to promote professional skills. Supervision is also vital in the development of any new counselor. Supervisees will have the opportunity to expound their knowledge in ethics, diversity, cultural competency, theoretical approach, and professional development while also joining a community of counseling peers.

Keisha Reaves offers counselor supervision with the option of individual or group supervision. Supervisees will have the opportunity to present case consultations as well as discuss professional development. Keisha offers two morning and two late evening options monthly for supervisees to choose from. 

Rates are $75 per group and $100 per individual. 

Initial Introductory Meeting $100

Learn more about Keisha’s clinical background here.

Email to schedule an initial meeting to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. 

Supervision Participation

What is needed in order to participate in supervision? 

  • Completion of a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree program that qualifies you to pursue licensure as an Associate Professional Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia.
  • Click here in order to learn more about the required qualifications in the state of Georgia:
  • Employment in a position where a supervisee can gain clinical skills as defined by the Georgia Composite Board of LPC’s, LCSW’s and LMFT’s
  • Must sign up for your own liability insurance-

Consultation & Coaching

Keisha Reaves offers consultation and coaching to therapists looking to discover and build their niche in the private practice setting. After starting her own solo private practice in 2014, she has since expanded into a thriving group practice. Keisha likes to help clinicians figure out their ideal work/life balance, how to calculate their ideal income, tips on where to find their ideal client, and discovering ways to diversify their income outside of the therapy room. 

“I was once that clinician anxiously seeking to book clients. I was working late evenings and weekends away from my family in order to accommodate. I had no business degree nor did I take marketing classes in undergrad. But through years of trial and error, research, books, podcasts, asking questions, and much more, I discovered ways to create a successful business while setting boundaries as a mom of two. My hope is to help other therapists avoid burnout and to create a business that fits their lifestyle needs.” – Keisha Reaves