Live Trainings

Black Maternal Mental Health Training

May 10, 2024

1 in 3 black women are at risk for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in comparison to 1 in 7 non-black women. Black women are faced with risk factors such as racism/discrimination, impaired trust in the medical system, and even the side effects of a global pandemic that critically impacts their mental health. (Training approved through Postpartum Support International for PMH-C renewals)

Mental Health & Infertility for Black Birthing Parents

February 3, 2023

1 in 5 birthing parents will experience a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder after giving birth. Being previously diagnosed with infertility or having had difficulties with trying to conceive naturally can increase these chances. With infertility being a topic that is not often discussed publicly, clients experience a lot of shame, guilt and isolation. Their self-esteem, romantic relationships, and mental health are significantly impacted by this medical diagnosis. (Live training approved through Postpartum Support International for Advanced Course Training towards PMH-C exam and PMH-C renewal)

Perinatal Loss & Grief (Part 1)

April 21, 2023

1 in 5 birthing parents suffer from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. Although several clients experience birth trauma, anxiety, depression, infertility, there are not enough clinicians trained in this specialty to serve this growing population.


Refund Policy

Partial refunds are available for cancellations requested before the workshop date. Cancellations requested on or after the workshop date, such as for a no show, are not eligible for a refund, but may be eligible for a credit (see Credit Policy below).

Full Day Workshops (5 or more CEs): Cancellations requested before the workshop date will receive a refund minus a $70 fee.

If presenter cancels for any reason, registrants may request a full credit of the amount paid to be applied to any future workshop within 1 year of the cancellation OR a full refund.

Credit Policy

Cancellations can request a full credit be applied to a future date of any workshop within 12 months of the canceled workshop date, and if space is available at the requested date. Once a request for the use of credit is honored, no refund will be issued or other changes allowed. If the credit is not utilized within 12 months, the credit is forfeited.


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