Consultation and Coaching

Keisha Reaves offers consultation and coaching to therapists looking to discover and build their niche in the private practice setting. After starting her own solo private practice in 2014, she has since expanded into a thriving group practice. Keisha likes to help clinicians figure out their ideal work/life balance, how to calculate their ideal income, tips on where to find their ideal client, and discovering ways to diversify their income outside of the therapy room. 

“I was once that clinician anxiously seeking to book clients. I was working late evenings and weekends away from my family in order to accommodate. I had no business degree nor did I take marketing classes in undergrad. But through years of trial and error, research, books, podcasts, asking questions, and much more, I discovered ways to create a successful business while setting boundaries as a mom of two. My hope is to help other therapists avoid burnout and to create a business that fits their lifestyle needs.” – Keisha Reaves

What are some examples of what I can help you with?

  • Case Consultations
  • Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Setting up your EIN/NPI/Trademark/Business Account/Finances  
  • Social Media/Newsletters
  • Referral Sources
  • Creating Passive Income (webinars, ebooks, self-publishing, podcasting, speaking, event planning, selling a product, etc.)  
  • Networking and Building community
  • Expand into a group practice 
  • and Much More!

How does this work?

First: Let’s chat via email to list out the goals in which you’d like to accomplish through coaching.

Second: Let’s have our initial meeting and create an action plan of resources, steps and tools on how you can actively accomplish these goals.

Last: We will follow up with each step of our initial plan and track your progress. We’ll identify what’s working, troubleshoot, and consistently talk through to get you on your way!


1 session | $225

Coaching Package | 4 sessions | $760

If you’re wanting to expand your work in maternal mental health, check out my Building Your Niche: Maternal Mental Health webinar. Email to sign up or inquire.